About Us

Express Inn Philippines is focused on making upscale, comfortable and friendly hotels in the Philippines that is affordable for everyone.

Express Inn Philippines is a new player in the budget hotel group in the Philippines. The inns offers a range of accommodation options to suite most travel budgets.

Express Inn Philippines was made as options for travellers who decline to spend unnecessarily on exorbitant and expensive high end hotels, but are anxious and afraid they may not find suitable accomodation at the budget end of the market. All things considered, now there is an alternative, the Express Inn Philippines; clean, comfortable and modern accomodation for a fraction of the cost of other comparative hotels in the Philippines.

Express Inn Philippines currently has 2 hotels in cebu with current plans to expand with 2 hotels in 2 major tourist desitation. Express Inn Philippines is forever continuing to prove that budget accommodation can still be stylish, clean, comfortable and convenient. Take a look at our diverse range of inns here.